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Sleep is for Everyone- Honors & Full Reviews


  • Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, National Science Teacher’s Association/ Children’s Book Council


School Library Journal

A basic look at a necessary activity. Showers describes the sleeping positions of several animals and asks readers to think about their own positions (standing up or lying down) while they sleep. The different amounts of sleep required by humans of various ages are indicated from infant through adult. Comparisons are made between the arms and legs, which can be rested during the day, and the brain, which requires sleep in order to relax. The book briefly shows how sleep deprivation affected a group of scientists, and points out similar responses such as lack of concentration in overtired children or parents. The final pages describe what its like to fall asleep. The bright cut-paper cartoons feature people of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and genders, set against both daylight and nighttime scenes. This is a thoughtful place to begin learning about bodily processes or perhaps for parents needing help dealing with bedtime and its importance.

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